Monday, January 14, 2008

It's Official


Blair leaves on 8th June.

We follow two weeks later on the 23rd.

All tickets are booked and paid for.

We already have a dining suite, a lounge suite and an entertainment unit waiting for us.

It's all a bit real now.

In five months we will be living in Australia.

I am so fired up.


This morning I did yoga for the first time.

I have always been inspired by my darling friend Mary, she has lost a shit load of weight and changed her whole outlook on life and is now a yoga genius and is studying to become a nutritionist. I hearts her!!

I was going to start doing yoga at the local dance studio, where Peta goes, but the woman has decided to cut all her classes (including her dance ones - poor Peta!) and I have had to resort to a basic video.

Did my first blast this morning. Loved it but found the old flabby bits stopped some of the poses working to their true potential. But, never fear, in a couple of months I'll be able to reach further as those bits will be gone.

Good Fortune

Remember me saying that Dad broke his rib??

Him and Mum build houses and sell them, that is their income source.

Dad was a top consultant enginneer for TransPower (the power grid company in NZ) but got sick of the politics and bullshit and threw it in to build. What him and Mum do is buy a section, either do up the house on it, subdivide and build another on the back or, what they are doing now, build an upscale house on 10acres. Ramble ramble.

With broken rib Dad couldn't work so he had Blair working for him during his holidays and after one day has offered Blair work until we leave, and it is all based opposite them, 12 min drive from here, and at our section that we can no longer build on, which is two blocks from here!! All for a $6 an hour payrise. We couldn't be in a better position to head to Aussie.

Life is great.

Just have to get the A OK on the vadge and life will be real great.

Find out Thursday.


Chris H said...

sad we are losing yet another gorgeous family to Aussy, but it does seem 'greener' over there eh? Wish Stew would consider it! Yaa for Blair and the work/payrise etc. Fingers crossed on the fanny checking out A OK, Blair will be pleased I'm sure! No more sneaky toes .... ha ha ha.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Ha ha to Chris' toe comment...
I was wondering if the ol vag was back in action yet...
Ohhhh having dates makes it all so real... you will love living here in Aus... pity it wasnt Tassie... But hey makes it a wee bit easier to meet up...

rand(om) bites said...

WOW it's really going to happen now. Are the kids looking forward to the move as well?

*blush* I'm so proud of you with the yoga. Another couple of my mates are starting a beginner's course this week too, including my partner! One of my girlfriends is convinced I'm drugging people because of how many people around us are doing it now. Not my fault, just the times hey LOL, it's infectious :-)

So many positive things going on in your life too now hon, how great to have extra mulla for the move as well.

Good luck with results on Thursday!

Steph said...

Hooray! I'm so glad everything is working out for you :)

AlleyCat said...

Awesome News - it's all a happening thang! :-)

Mellisa said...

Come on over!! We are hanging out to have a drink with you guys!!!

Middle Child said...

Wonderful for you...but think seriously about airconditioning for the summer months. I have two sisters living in Qld and the summer nearly kills the one, while old skinny loves the heat...

even if its just in the lounge and bedroom you can survive.

Winters in Qld are beautiful unless in the mountains but even that will be balmy for you.

My youngest sister says she is living in the coldest town in NZ...Dunedin...they moved from lake Manapouri... right now it sounds great to be cold...

as they say in the adds to come on over..."where the bloody hell are ye?"

great news

Anne said...

Exciting to have your dream of the move to Oz all coming true! You will do so well over there.

Sarah said...

great news about work for Blair! and moving - thats really exciting!!

Em said...

Looks like things are happening ...good luck to you all

Tania said...

Things are falling into place for you guys - just as well you're moving in the winter, coming over in the summer might have been a bit of a shock! Nice score with the job too.