Monday, January 21, 2008

Out and About

Have had a full on weekend.

Dropped Peta at horse camp on Friday night.

Picked Jen up from airport Sat morning, went for soy latte and snack at cafe, headed to the shops where I had a lesson in buying clothes that fitted not hid me, detailed at GF Geisha.

Had some sushi for lunch, chilled at home getting prepared for hen's night at Coyotes bar at 6.30pm.

Had dinner out and plenty of drinks. Sadly the hen's night was rather tame and over by 9pm!! Jen and I went in search of something to do, couldn't find anything happening and after three clubs and a number of different drinks decided to jump on the Loser Cruiser (bus) home to Rangiora. All this time I was self torturing by wearing my wedding shoes as the were the only heels, or shoes for that matter that I own. I ended up taking said shoes off and walking in bare feet and my feet are still aching today.

Yesterday had late brunch, then headed to Brew Moon, a cafe in North Canterbury and had an antipasto platter and a beautiful glass of Fiddlers Green Sav!! Stopped and bought a bottle of Mount Brown Pinot Noir (a friend of mine's vineyard makes it) and then headed to pick Peta up.

Finally got home, then headed out to get Indian for tea (gluten free) and another bottle of Pinot, The Office first series and Billy Connolly Live at the Hammersmith and then we proceeded to drink good wine and laugh our arses off all night!

So a lot of wine, a lot of food and a lot of money spent.

Great weekend and tomorrow is a new day full of challenges.


Chris H said...

Ahh sounds like you had a bloody fab weekend mate.... lucky you!!!!

Steph said...

Good for you! Sounds exactly what you needed.

Mellisa said...

At least you got away from the snotters for a night!! And you weren't rescued in the nud by Blair!!! *giggle*
Have you tried the Brown Brothers Zibbibo Rosa??????? Noice!!!!

Ms Smack said...

Indian is gluten-free? Oh there IS a God!

Sounds like my idea of a perfect weekend, minus the achey feet.

Cazzie!!! said...

Whata full on weekend. Oh...I so hope I can find a horse camp for my girls to go rock as a mum...can u be my mum? :)

hawkeye23 said...

Loser Cruiser. Bwahahahaha! Laughed my arse off :)

Middle Child said...

and a good time was had by all...wonderful Jules