Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Zealand Has Lost It #1

New Zealand has recently instated a law that means that you can no longer smack your children in any way shape or form. You can tell them to go to time out but you can not make them go. You can not discipline your own children. Now, whether you agree with smacking or not, take this case into account:

When Christchurch musician Jimmy Mason "flicked" his three-year-old son on the ear he thought he was giving him a lesson about road safety. Don't ride your bike near the road when you're told not to. What he was actually getting was a firsthand look at the Government's anti-smacking legislation in operation, The Dominion Post writes.

A nearby teacher took umbrage at his actions, an off-duty policewoman rang the office and, minutes later, Mr Mason found himself surrounded by six police officers.

"They were going to arrest me and were trying to ascertain whether it was safe for the kids to go home with me," he said. "It was pretty bizarre."
But nothing that Mr Mason did appears to warrant the attention of six police officers, at least five more than the ordinary citizen can expect to show an interest when reporting a theft, burglary or assault.

This man's two boys disobeyed them in a busy part of Christchurch resulting in an accident involving their bikes. This could have easily resulted in death by one of his children being hit by a car. He flicks one son across the ear as he is attempting to head back off and do the same thing again while he consoles hurt child. Next minute he is surrounded by police.

For fuck's sake.

My sister was the victim of burglary on New Years Day. Some arrogant wankers broke into their house, stole a shit load of personal items, made a mess and violated their privacy. It took 2 days for one policeman to show up!!

In Auckland a couple of years ago a young woman phoned police for help as she was getting unwanted attention from a male at a party and didn't know what to do, they sent a taxi - and to the wrong side of Auckland. The woman was never seen again.

For fuck's sake.

What is happening in a country when lolly scrambles are outlawed but you can beat your child to death with a boat oar over a three day period and get 8 years with parole in 4??

Bullrush is too dangerous.

I think climbing trees is illegal now too.

For fuck's sake.

Bring on June, I can't wait to escape this nanny state.


Anne said...

Totally agree with this post!!! Six officers - madness!!! Sometimes I still believe a smack or tap is in order - especially in a case like this when children could be in danger. They don't always listen even when being alreted to danger! As for getting a policeman when you want one - well your stories sum that up!

Lyn said...

Bill was telling me about that story in the paper! I was gobsmacked or should I say earsmacked!!

I personally think that since corporal punishment was taken away our country has turned to the pack! There is no respect for authority anymore by the younger generation. Hence why young people can drive a stolen van half way across the country, pointing guns out the window and shooting at police cars and 'get away with it'

I have to agree with you on this one!!

rand(om) bites said...

I agree too. I grew up with smacks and I'd definitely think twice about being naughty again! I believe in discipline. It's when it's abused that really sucks and I guess they're trying to prevent people beating their kids for no damn good reason. A flick is seriously not abuse though, what a joke.

I have friends who don't believe in discipline and they're kids are ratbags but another couple, they discipline their kids but the kids are really well balanced and have a sense of respect for themselves and others. It's a tough one and brings on a lot of debate.

Lynda said...

I agree. The law is crazy - I know they hope to deter the real bad behaviour but that will not stop and meanwhile mum and dad and nana and grandad have to pussyfoot around their kids. There's a lot more reasons why people are going to OZ but that's another story.

Hippygal said...

Ditto to what you and everyone else said - it is crazy.

Chris H said...

Please can I come with you???

LaLa said...

Fucking ridiculous... Did you say you were moving to the Sunshine Coast?

Anonymous said...

I've always thought there was a huuuuge difference between something like an ear flick and child abuse. This is just over the top!

Mellisa said...

I won't stop. Arrest me ....

Sandra said...

Sorry Jules but this is where I disagree with you big time - and everyone else in the blogging world, so it seems.

While parents think it is OK to physically hit their children, there can only be discretion and degrees of common sense. Parents who have killed their children by disciplining them. Last time I was in NZ in May 2007, there was the case of a little boy who was systematically beaten to death by his mother and her boyfriend. their defence was that he was naughty and they were disciplining him.

I was beaten with a wooden spoon as a child. My cousin was whipped with a kettle cord so much that I stopped telling on him when he hit me.

The sooner people realise that when they have lost their temper with their children, they have lost control the better. There are other forms of discipline that do not reinforce violence. Smacking is not necessary and it doesn't work.

Six police officers is obviously overkill - maybe there was a station mix-up. But I totally support anti-smacking laws. They came in here in the UK last year and loads of people bleated about it but as least there is consistency.


Jules said...

Sandra: Everyone is entitled to their feelings on the subject, no sense apologizing for your views. I do not condone beating and would never. The case you mention regarding the wee boy is the case I referred to in my post. They can do something that horrific but they can be up for parole in four years. That is not discipline and I don't think that it is ever acceptable.

But, if your child runs out on the road at 2 years old in the path of a car, do you honestly think a wee chat about not doing it again is going to install in her the seriousness of the situation? I am not condoning even a couple of smacks at once but when a father flicks his son's ear over a near fatal accident and gets it on his record for life that he assaulted a child I find that completely ludicrous.

If you look at any of the animal kingdom they pull their young into line by a pat of the paw, a nip or a picking up by the scruff of the neck and dumping them where they should be.

I am not even legally allowed to put my 2 year old into time out if she refuses to go as that is forcing her physically to do something.

I got the wooden spoon, and a few hard smacks but I don't consider it did me any harm but I would never do that to my children. But I do believe a slap on the hand of a one year old that sticks her fingers in a plug is the most efficient way of ensuring that she doesn't do it again, therefore teaching her important safety lessons. When this anti smacking law came in they said it would never impact on the joe bloggs parent who gave their child a light tap but this case highlights that this is not the case and the saddest fact is, the case is NOT in any way shape or form, actually hitting at the core of child abuse and do you honestly think that the people that beat their kids to death with vacuum cleaner pipes are in the same category as a mum who slaps her child's hand for touching the heater??

Great to see that you are happy to voice your opinion though, just as I reserve the right to voice mine.

Cheers Sandra.

Middle Child said...

Sorry Jules ... same here in OZ although Queenslanders are more in sync with the more sensible ways.

Whats the punishment for 9 year olds who punch their pregnant mums in the stomach, or bite other people's kids... huh?

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh honey can I be the shit stirrer and say when you move to Australia you are going to be pissed off too - just about different things? LOL! Middle Child - Queenslanders are more in sync with the more sensible ways? I read this out to my husband who was raised in Brisbane and he is still laughing!
Crankybee (who can't be bothered singing into blogger...)