Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two's Company ...

Three's a Threesome.

Ever had one??

Come on, be honest, it's Mother Jules here, you can tell me??

I have had two that were consentual and one that I was raped.

The first one was when I was 18 years old. I had just been run over about 5 weeks previous - as you do. I got wildly drunk at a party, and ended up being done from behind while taking a gobful. I was wildly drunk but I mildly remember enjoying it. I wore a heap of shit from my group of friends for this one though, as it quickly became common knowledge.

The second was when I was 21 with a friend and a bloke we knew. We were all just having drinks at her place and ended up all wildly drunk and talking shit and singing and dancing and next minute she was licking my nipple. I freaked a bit but was more freaked about looking "uptight" so went with the flow. It was enjoyable, she pleasured me, he pleasured me, all in all I just got pleasured all round. We aren't friends anymore, it was way too uncomfortable.

The third, but second chronologically, happened when I was 20. I can't go into that one tonight. It doesn't gel with the others. It still fucks me up and to this day I hold onto the anger.

I'll let it out soon. Be afraid.


Kitty said...

Uuuuuuuuuum. Probably about 30...more? A lot.

I've had more threesomes with FFM than MMF. Two boys are fun but I like pussy so much, it is rather delightful to switch from cock to pussy and back again.

I'm sorry that you were raped. It is awful and one day maybe we'll trade war stories over 4 bottles of wine and feel a bond that other people can't imagine.

We are fucking twins! It's astonishing!

Jules said...

You have such a way with words Miss Kitty!!

We do have a lot in common darl (aussie slang practising), even a son called Ben.

Anonymous said...

jules - where did i miss the story that you are coming to live here? i thought you were going to holiday!

m said...

nah I'm a bore.

Look forward to hearing your story. Sometimes getting it out helps.

Jules said...

Airlie - well, who knows what you were doing that day, the post is here:


Sorry, don't know how to make it a link so you may have to copy and paste to hear my rant.

M: You are far from boring my funny arsed bitch!!

rand(om) bites said...

Oh the stories that can fill a room! It really sucks that you were raped hon, just not acceptable at all. I've had a few situations that I still get a bit pissed about but now older and wiser, I'd chop their dicks off or the equivalent but then I wouldn't be in a situation where that could happen now. The glory days of youth. Sex, drugs, alcohol! I'm such a prude now...or just lazy LOL. I used to love leather/rubber clubs ;-)

Chris H said...

Never had a threeesome, never likely to nor want to! And NO, I was not playing with me toys ya cheeky tart! I was tired!!! and the kids are sleeping in so I do too... must make the most of it eh?

Kate said...

I'm not surprised you are still angry, that sucks. It takes a long time to work through that.
Much love & hugs xoxoxoxoxo

Kitty said...

Um....are we the only women in the blogisphere that have had threesomes?

Did I say 30? Noooo! I meant NONE. Hehehehehe!

Rubbish! I don't believe this conservative response! I smell buuuuuuuuullshiiiiiiiit!!!!! :P

B said...

Yes, a few, but they have been MFM so all the attention was on ME!! hehe - oh and I did participate in a partner swap once - long story. Lots of drugs involved. One of my "goals" in life is to try a FMF or maybe even just a FF!! hehe. Although I think i'm a bit too old/fat right now to be thinking about it.

Karen said...

Since you are honest with us Jules - I will be honest with you and say yes I have! Twice and loved both times! Both were FFM and would go there again in the right circumstances! :) And oh "b" - FF can be fun also!!!
Sorry to hear you were raped though hun... not nice at all and we are here to listen when you want to let it all out!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I have only spoken about it to three people in detail. I won't go into detail here either. I was raped when iwas 14 years old...by four guys...I was not a virgin. I looked older than 14 years old. I lost my virginity to a girl I fell in love with months earlier. She was sent away to another Catholic school after her parents found out about us. She said she would come back to me...she said she would find me, but she did not. I've not forgotten her. She was my first love.

threesomes...where I consented yes...many times. Mostly in college...once I did about 9-10 guys, okay twice. I was drunk but knew what I was doing...I was angry and self destructive. I can't say it wasn't a thrill because it was...I was though a tad sore afterwards.

I love women better and would have a muffin-fest before doing guys...my orgasms are much bigger and much more wonderful, though eating pussy while a guy pounds my pussy from behind comes close.

I think I have said too much...yes?

I might delete this...

Anonymous said...

oh jules I think I am one of your boring ones - I haven't ever had a threesome but they are definately in my masturbation fantasy box!! Sometimes when I mucked around with my husband (long time ago) I used to pretend his belly button was another girl's vagina and poke my tongue into it :)
I always felt a bit perverse for thinking that until my friend and I got roaring drunk and she told she did that too!
We used to muck around, the both of us, that we'd do something but we never did.

I have got to get out in the big world again, I think I am missing out on stuff.

hey and my very big sympathy goes out to you for being violated and raped, just thinking about it gets me so angry I could rip their dicks off for hurting women and girls.

Danni said...

I think i am dull and boring...but i enjoy everyone else's stories (the good ones that is! as for the not so good ones, not much i can say there as ive never experienced anything terrible like what you ladies have.

AlleyCat said...

The closest I've come to a threesome is a bit of groping & snogging that never eventuated. Threesome or not, I am sorry you were raped. That is such an evil fucking violation & it makes my blood boil. I put myself in a situation where I was almost raped (way too drunk), but managed to escape & lock myself in the bathroom before I was penetrated (anally). While I feel I am OK now, I still can't sleep without some item of clothing on my "bottom half" - some psychological protection I suppose. No wonder you still feel fucked up from your experience. (((hugs)))

Anne said...

Well Mother Jules - never - Chris sums up my threesome thoughts! Sounds like you have had a really bad experience. Not good and if it helps let it out.

Cazzie!!! said...

Naturally Outspoken...you sure are that!!

Name: Lynise said...

so sorry to hear you were raped, as others have said thats just not alright at all.

When I was young and naive I accepted a ride from Hamilton to TA as he was going back to his home in Te Awamutu so all seemed fine until he decided would threaten to leave me stranded in the middle of knowone (in the middle of the night) unless we had sex. As a very naive teenager I agreed to his rediculous request and still consider this event to be a violation but I never said no so I assume he thinks everything was ok.

In regards to the threesomes, nope never and never will. I'm definitely a one guy at a time woman and love men to much to ever switch camps. lol

LaLa said...

Nopes, only listened to one (very thin walls), how dull of me.

I am not sure I want to read the next one, what a fucking horrible thing to happen to you :(

Jules said...

Mary: Sex, drugs and alcohol, shit, have none of them at the moment. Sad!!

Chris: Funny, you put three e's in threesome, were you hinting at maybe three has been there somewhere??

Kate: Thanks darling.

Kitty: You must have opened up the flow Kits cos all the threesomes came out after your comment!!

B: Yay, let's start a club. Not that I am that interested in ever having another one but we could have a club to drink wine and talk about it.

Karen: Well fuck me!! Of all my readers I did not expect you to be the big confessor. I nearly fell off my chair. I can't wait to hear more about Karen and her past life!!

Spikey: I'm glad you didn't delete, we are all individuals and I like to think none of my commentors would judge another.

Betty: Thanks darling Betty.

Danni: Ooii, I keep getting comments from you and now I want an invite to your blog. julesandblair@clear.net.nz

Alleycat: The amount of times I was is crazy situations between the ages of 14 and 22 just blow me away that I wasn't attacked on a regular basis. I would die if my daughters were anything like me.

Anne: Well Mother Anne, I thought living through the free loving 60's you may have had the odd encounter??

Cazzie: You know it darl (practising Aussie slang)

Lynise: My experience is similar in that I wasn't dragged off the street by an unknown. It is supposed to help to get it out.

Lala: Listening is just as good you naughty girl!!

Linda said...

lol @ Kitty's second comment. Me? Boring, old, married. uummm - gotta run :)

AlleyCat said...

I know what you mean Jules, I have younger cousins & nieces etc & think holy fuck, if they ever got up to what I did I'd bloody kill em!

Jules said...

Linda: I definitely don't do these tri things anymore darling, was only when I was young, dumb and full on cum!!

Alleycat: Scary huh??

Ms Smack said...

I have only had a threesome if dildo's count :)

Miss Beck said...

The answer would be yes.Many times. In one particularly part of my life.

I wouldn't mind having a MMF but haven't had any partners that would be interested (read: willing to share).

It's funny, with threesomes outside of a relationship, I have always been horrified of being hurt because neither have a deep caring for you.

As for being raped, I've read your latest post detailing it and I think they were cunts. Full stop. Friends or not.

Sandra said...

Hi - yes - twice. Both FFM. One was after a work Christmas do and we all off our faces. Both of us girls were trying to pull one guy and decided to share. It was good but there were some awkward moments in the lift come the New Year...
The other one I regret deeply so I won't mention it here. I hurt someone a lot that night.

The rape post was horrible. It's happened to me too and more than once. I feel like I've dealt with those experiences though although I'm still dealing with the fat...

Sandra XX