Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Rating and a Bargain!!

Looking for x-ray technician training?

This rating was come to because of the presence of these words:

sexy (3x) hell (2x) porn (1x)


I plan to add cunt shit fuck barstard bitch snatch and many more

Went to buy a PS2 because our dvd shit itself. Went the the Warewhare and there was a PS2 Jungle Buzz bundle for $187 (can't even get the PS2 console by itself for that) and it was down to that price because one of the buzz controllers had a split cable. Blair fixed it in 10 mins. I fucken love bargains so eat my arse Warehouse, we ripped you a new arsehole.


Chris H said...

Ha ha, I just did that rating thing on my blog and got a R17, no one under 17 should read my blog! Am going to post it tomorrow! OOO I'm bad. I had LOTS of bad words, I mean LOTS AND LOTS!

Hippygal said...

Good for you with the PS2, hope you are all starting to feel better by now :)

B said...

Hah, I got a G rating - how the fucken hell did that happen?? hehehehe
Thanks for the laugh though! I saw second hand PS2s over here last Thursday night at Electronics Boutique for $79 with 12 months warranty on them.